Modtagelig for forandring

- en historie om at føle sig sikker Det er mandag morgen, og du arbejder som skribent i en virksomhed, der producerer eksklusive bryllupsinvitationer. Gennem de sidste 15 år, har du skrevet bryllupsinvitationer i hånden, da det gøre invitationerne mere autentiske og personlige. Efter de mange års øvelse er din håndskrift smuk, autentisk og næsten perfekt. Det…

Collaborative Agile Testing

This article is based on my experience with integrating Testers in Scrum Teams. By reading this article you won’t get the silver bullet to solve all Scrum Testing challenges, but you will get inspiration on how it can be done.

The “No Sex Curve”

This article is focused on the Burn Down Chart, and what it can tell you about the team members quality of life. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you probably already know the symptoms of the no-sex-curve: Is your team constantly fighting to be ready in time for Sprint Demo? Do you…

Story Points in Action

Story Points in Action The post is focused on providing some tips and tricks which can be helpful when carrying out Story Point based estimation on an agile project. In the following I have chosen to refer to User Stories as the elements in my Product Backlog.

When User Stories fail

The most fundamental need of any project team is to know what to deliver. This goes no matter if you are doing a traditional waterfall project or a Scrum project. If you build something no one wants, you have wasted your time.